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Adrian Osti donated $50
Dominic Elia donated $25
Kevin O'brien donated $100
Richard Nestor donated $100

"Good Luck Bruno."

Anonymous donated $25
Stephen G Rawlin donated $100

"Good luck Bruno!!"

Lori D Culum donated $50
Xavier Dubé donated $50
Betty Po Him Ng donated $50
Maryanne Taylor donated $50
Susan Wu donated $50

"Go Bruno Go! Thanks for supporting a great cause!"

Moira Gill donated $100
Richard Flemming donated $100
Anonymous donated $50
Sharon Macarthur donated $25
Len Kroes donated $100
Kristina Nou donated $50
Suzanne Courtlander donated $100
Pauline Chiu donated $100
Mark Fujita donated $81

"Great cause Bruno, thought I’d top you up to meet your goal."

Trevor Marshall donated $100
Peter Davies donated $100
Edward Tam donated $50
Alison Wong donated $50

"Thanks for supporting a great cause and raising more awareness!!"

Anthony Fitzpatrick donated $50
Marcia Mowatt donated $50
Elizabeth S Mitchell donated $100

"Thank you so much for raising funds and awareness for ALS research and support!"

Michael Thompson donated $50
Michelle Crowley donated $50
Tag Trang donated $50
Joff Wong donated $50
Julie Messinger donated $100
L.. T donated $100
Michelle Snow donated $50
Diamond Marketing Group donated $250
Cheryl Zeldin donated $18
Alan Wen donated $50

"A great cause. Thank you for supporting this Bruno, and good luck on the ride!"

Salim Jivraj donated $100
Anna Kavanagh donated $50

"This is a great cause. Good luck Bruno!"

Cathy Kitchen donated $100
Tracie Lee donated $50
Francois Langevin donated $100
Sarah Green donated $25
Monique Letterio donated $100
Erika Schiavoni donated $100

"Thanks for supporting a great cause"

Andrew Mackillop donated $100
Warren Crowder donated $50
Howard Kim donated $50
Erika M Nobbs donated $25
Doug Macdonald donated $100
Robert D Carmichael donated $50
Andrew Fletcher donated $50
Peter Hardwick donated $200

"Bruno - good luck and great cause "

Steve Foster donated $50

"Great cause Bruno!"

Sean Wilson donated $100
Kevin Galley donated $100
Todd Dougall donated $100

"Great work team! Thank you"

Kevin Power donated $250

"Thank you Indy's Pacers!"

Anonymous donated $50
Darrin Keene donated $250

"Go Indy’s Racers! "

Anonymous donated $251

"Thank you for supporting this great cause. "

Bruno Jauernig donated $250