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Jonathan M Davis donated $50
Metello Levi donated $200
Tina Mcconnell donated $25

"Good job Adam! "

Erin Zimerman donated $50
Laura Armstrong donated $25

"Have a great ride!"

Bernadette Byrne donated $50

"Saw your segment on CTV News. Great photo of you and Matthew. "

Lidia Sharon Trimble donated $100

"Thank you for all you do for ALS fundraising! "

Josephine A Mills donated $25

"Very moving interview on CTV. God bless you ????"

Tara Robson Robson donated $50

"Congratulations Adam! You have my total love and support for this ride!"

Andrew Davidson Davidson donated $25

"Have a great ride, Adam! "

Blair Doucette donated $100

"You are a great human!"

Christine Raissis donated $25
Jody Berringer donated $25
Mary L Ditta donated $50

"Good luck A!"

Anonymous donated $25
Anonymous donated $100

"Truly wonderful work Adam! Thank you! Have a great ride! "

Anonymous donated $1,000

"Proud Supporter of Le Domestique. In road bicycle racing, a domestique is a rider who works for the benefit of the team"

Diane M Varacalli donated $50
Lee Failes donated $50
Barbara Kilbourn donated $100
Valerie P. Pike donated $100
Mary Catherine Marciniak donated $75
Anonymous donated $1,000
Andrew J Long donated $500
Patrick Gleeson donated $50
Janet E Van Velzen donated $500
Katherine A Gleeson donated $50

"Thank you for keeping Mathew alive in our hearts & helpful with our pocketbooks. "

Barb Gill-lazroe donated $50
Ted Schuck donated $25
Susan Brinkmann donated $25
Anonymous donated $50
Kirk Francis donated $250
David Jevons donated $255

"May the wind be always at your back! Slàinte Mhaith, Dave"

Shane Haniff donated $50
David Mccreath donated $50

"Good luck, Adam!"

Anonymous donated $100
Nadine R Fennell donated $50
Anonymous donated $35

"Good luck Adam ! "

Tony Lu donated $50
John Gleeson donated $100

"Thanks for doing this, Adam!! Have a great ride. Thinking of Matt. "

Seth Diana Cary-coyle donated $100

"Onwards brother!"

Melisa Barrilli donated $25
Adam Beveridge donated $100

"I couldn't think of a better person to help organize the inaugural Revolution Ride. Keep up the amazing work, Adam!"

Sandra G Wood donated $50
Anonymous donated $25

"Thankful for your dedication. Have a great ride!"

Philip A Rae donated $100

"Rock on Adam. Missing Matt… and you too! CS/Upmost Nonstop"

Amanda Wood donated $50
Clare Cheesewright donated $500

"What a great initiative… raising awareness, raising money and celebrating your outdoor passion and the adventures you shared as "

Amber Dawkins donated $25

"I'll walk down and cheer you on as you ride by :)"

Lucasco Inc. donated $100
Christine Willis donated $100

"Good luck!"

Anonymous donated $25
Michael J Switzer donated $250

"You are an inspiration to all of us Adam. We hope you have a wonderful ride. From Fred, Mike and family. "

Loretta Henoud-lonergan donated $25

"Thank you for bringing awareness to ALS. Have a great ride!"

Bouke Salverda donated $25
Stefanie Gerke donated $20

"Enjoy the ride, Adam! I'm looking forward to following you on Insta!"

Graham Watson donated $100
Darcy O'neill donated $50

"Good luck Adam from the O'Neill family!"

Susanna Wong donated $25

"All the best on your ride Adam! We are all rooting for you!"

Sean Foley donated $250

"We are so glad that you are doing this, brother! With love from Sean, and purrrrs from Ben & Jerry and Oisín :-)"

Rachel Devlin-foley donated $250

"Best of luck on your journey! Lots of love from me, Hannah, Renée, and Declan."

Jan L Hodgson donated $25
Shannon Murphy donated $25
Margaret Anne Mcclelland donated $100
Margaret Simons donated $200

"Here's to a great ride for a great cause. Frank and Peggy Simons"

Allan Crespi donated $50
Sandra J. Hoshooley donated $100
Christine & Geoff Olsen donated $350
Marina F Heidman donated $50
Sharon Hanuse donated $100
Heather/jacob/emmett/abby Quinn donated $200

"Always with you in spirit even when we can’t be in person!"

The John Harper Group Inc. donated $100

"Good luck you guys!"

Lorraine Sunstrum-mann donated $250

"Matthew will be the wind at your back. Have an incredible ride. "

Clementine Mckinney donated $50

"Keep up the GREAT work!"

Erin Zimerman donated $100
Garry D Watson donated $50
Brenda J Leach donated $100

"Good luck Adam we love you xxo"

Anonymous donated $100
Craig Bedford donated $25
Louise Ann Renwick donated $250

"Good luck Adam in reaching your goal. ????"

Pharma Consultants Inc donated $500

"Good luck Adam from your friends at PCI!!"

Bernadette Byrne donated $100

"Best of luck with the ride. Every penny raised will go to a very worthy need "

Lindsay Bishop donated $100
Caroline Simons donated $25

"Have a great ride!"

Frances Reilly donated $25
Phil Wharton donated $100
Lynn Witt donated $100
Eve Carvalho donated $100

"Best of luck Adam!"

Michael A. Matthews donated $100

"Great job, Adam - a VERY caring brother."

Sunni Boot-agnew donated $100
Noeli D'ostie-racine donated $40

"♥ ♥ ♥"

Alan G Weinstein donated $100

"Happy to support your effort to eradicate this horrible disease."

Stuart Pearce donated $250
Melissa S Johnston donated $100
Cindy A Christison donated $50

"Let's hope for a cure, Good Luck Adam!!"

Rob & Sue Hancock donated $50

"Good luck, Adam!"

Simon Hancock donated $100

"Go! Zoom! Fight!"

Geoff Agnew donated $200

"Diesel coming thru"

Monica Foley donated $250
Anonymous donated $100