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Barbara Kilbourn donated $100
Nadine R Fennell donated $50
Louise Ann Renwick donated $100
Andrew Long donated $250

"And through the rain to boot! Thanks for doing this again!"

Kevin Timothy Gleeson donated $100
Craig Bedford donated $25
Brenda J Leach donated $100

"Good luck Adam we are so proud of you. Love Brenda and Steve and the family "

Sean Foley donated $750

"With love always from Rachel, Sean, Hannah, Renée, Declan, and our feline Guardians, Ben, Jerry, Oisín, and Gina. Godspeed! "

Patrick Gleeson donated $100
Sue Woodcock donated $25
Barb Gill-lazroe donated $100
Tina Mcconnell donated $50
Clare Cheesewright donated $500

"Good luck Adam.. don’t forget to look up and enjoy the view! Such a wonderful way to honour your brother, raise money and celebr"

Michael Daniel Gleeson donated $100
Alan G Weinstein & Assoc. donated $100
Anonymous donated $1,000
Garry D Watson donated $50
Jan Hodgson donated $25
Blair Doucette donated $250
Anonymous donated $35

"God bless you ????"

David Mccreath donated $50

"Good luck Adam!"

Jonathan M Davis donated $50

"Cheering you on from Tuscany"

Dee Dee Paron donated $50

"so proud of you!"

Anonymous donated $25
Christine & Geoff Olsen donated $50
Blair Agnew donated $50

"Adam, wishing you the best on your fundraising and ride. Great work!"

Monica M Foley donated $500

"If you can't fly, then run. If you can't run then walk. If you can't walk then crawl, but by all means keep moving." Martin Lu"

Diane M Varacalli donated $50
Geoff Agnew donated $150
Lorraine Sunstrum-mann donated $200

"All the best for an amazing ride Adam. May Matthew be the wind at your back along the ride. ~ Lorraine"

Clementine Mckinney donated $100
Anonymous donated $100
Jody Berringer donated $50

"Good luck! "

Anonymous donated $50
Stefanie Gerke donated $25

"Good Luck, Adam! "

Melissa S Johnston donated $100

"You got this, Bro Montana "

Ted Schuck donated $25
Anonymous donated $100
Alison J Young donated $50

"Matthew was a second cousin to my children Flint and Fiona. He was an extremely beautiful soul."

Heather/jacob/emmett/abby Quinn donated $100
Mary L Ditta donated $50
Stuart Pearce donated $250

"Never stop never stopping, Prez!"

Craig Bedford donated $50
Allan Crespi donated $100
Pharma Consultants Inc donated $500

"All the best from James/Arlene at PCI"

Eve Carvalho donated $100
Graham Watson donated $250

"Great work Adam, Matthew would be so proud. "

Anonymous donated $50
Noeli D'ostie-racine donated $25
Frances Reilly donated $25
Janet E Van Velzen donated $500

"Keep up the good work!"

Caroline Simons donated $100
Erin Zimerman donated $100
Margaret Simons donated $200
Kirk Francis donated $250

"Always happy to support, Adam. Good luck!"

Bernadette Byrne donated $50

"Best of luck to all of the riders. I hope the event is a super success."

Michael A. Matthews donated $100