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David M Dicenzo donated $50
Carlo Zen donated $100
Nancy Mackenzie donated $405

"You got this hun! Xo"

Jonathan Chang donated $50
Michael J Fenton donated $50
Leeann And Henry Walser donated $100
Peter King donated $50
Kevin Power donated $50
Lee M Maggs donated $50
Angelo Marcato donated $100
Marty Fox donated $50
Robert Gibson donated $100
Allyson Fox donated $25
Gjm Media Inc. donated $100
Travis Ames donated $250

"Dan, here's to supporting your buddy Kevin and his fight with ALS. Go crush the ride! Rooting for you guys and Team Indy's Pacer"

Jay And Dolly Fox donated $50

"We're happy to participate"

Michelle Mackinnon donated $50
Jan And Matt Teeter donated $100
Paul Kristen Bruce donated $50
Rose Raso donated $20
Laura Amantea donated $100
Randy Weyersberg donated $25
Jeanette Shaver donated $50
Alison George donated $50
John Brumell donated $100
Jenna Walser donated $50
Doreen Stradiotto donated $25
Ccmc donated $200
Jim Kozak donated $100

"Happy to support you my friend - please wish your long-time friend our best in his good fight! Jim and Leah"

Rick Chisholm donated $100

"Good luck with your ride Dan. Happy to help. Rick & Michele"

Paul Matteis donated $25
Leah J Macnab donated $150
Linda Wu donated $100
Rob Bayne donated $250
Scott Smith donated $50
Rob Durigon donated $25
Ted Sponsorship/will & Way donated $250
Rob & Cheryl Figliuzzi donated $100


Stewart Johnston donated $200
Phil Piazza donated $100
Jeff Rockwell donated $100
Ryan Hudecki donated $50
Paul Figliuzzi donated $50
Nicole Martin donated $50
Nancy F Raso donated $50
Aaron Sawchuk donated $100
Simon Gordon donated $50

"Crush it!"

Steve Gill donated $50

"Give er!!!"

Stephen Martin donated $100
Beth And Ryan Waller donated $250
Scott Hulbert donated $250
Tony Pascetta donated $50
Sara Mackenzie donated $50
Dan Mackenzie Mackenzie donated $100