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Dakota Kane donated $25
Joe & Pauline C Kuntz donated $25
Susan Parlee donated $50
Meachel Meachel Chad Chad donated $25
Kayla Lynn Standen-nguyen donated $25
Maureen Kane donated $50
Joanne Mcfeters donated $50
Cam Gillespie donated $50
Julian Norris donated $50
Alex Baisley donated $125
Stef And Chris Rainville donated $50
Lisa D Cormier donated $25

"I am happy you posted this on the alumni page so I was able to help you in your journey in some small way . Your doing a good t"

Kelly Moore-dennis donated $50

"For our dear friend! "

Holly Sharon Chandler donated $50
Trent E. Kane donated $100
Kim Hotton donated $25

"You got this Darrell!"

Brian Dunn donated $50
Darrell Sharpe donated $25
Susanne Shearing donated $100
Kirstin Galbraith donated $50
Malcolm And Heather Jasumani donated $50
Donna Kuntz donated $100
Susan Matheson donated $25
Danny Kane donated $250
Anna De Jong donated $50
Geoff Chick donated $50

"For a friend with a very worthy cause! "

William J Shearing donated $100
Sandra Kane donated $100
David Coughlan donated $25

"Good legs!"

Kristi Ann Nevin donated $50
Charlotte Anne Shea donated $50

"Good luck Darrell I will be thinking of you. Charlotte"