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Adrian Lee donated $50
Amina Kanjee donated $50
Far8n M Visram donated $100

"Great work! Enjoy the ride!"

Shaqil Damji donated $50

"Good work J!"

Karim Sunderji donated $100

"All the best. "

Jason Shedletsky donated $100
Imran Lavji donated $250
Jason Notsch donated $50
Faraz Hirji donated $150
Lee Wardingley donated $100
Anonymous donated $250
Shiraz Andani donated $25
Siki, Tazim, Nazlin And Sadru Mohamed donated $50
Farrah Hudani donated $250
Naznin Champsi donated $100

"Jamil- all the very best. May all the efforts of the team and you be blessed with much success and Inshallah, research in ALS br"

Kenneth Yong donated $100
Ainsley P Corkum donated $25

"Amazing Job Jamil!! "

Rozy Keshwani donated $25

"Way to go jam. Very proud of your achievements 90 km not easy !!!!!!❤️❤️❤️"

Rozy Keshwani donated $100

"Way to go Jamil’s. So proud of you for a selfless act of kindness. Love you always my Jamil. ❤️❤️❤️"

Farheen Mussani donated $50
Marina Mussani donated $100

"A cause so close to our hearts ♥️ "

Patricia Clark & Bob Smith donated $100
Mehboob, Sophie, Rahina & Faiz Damji donated $500

"Thank you Jamil for this tremendous effort to help the journey of all ALS patients and their families. We are very proud of you "

Hussein Rajan donated $50
Salimah Velji donated $50

"Love you Jamil! Xo Kyal and Kaysen"

Daksha Shah donated $50
Angad Gumber donated $50
All Professional Trades donated $250
Jahangir And Gulnar Chandani donated $50
Alannah Lipsey donated $25

"Wishing your uncle all the best, Jamil. Good luck on the ride!"

Adel Ratansi donated $50
Shaimul Velji donated $100

"Very proud of you my nephew Jamil. An awesome cause for mehboob chacha. Love you jam!!❤️"

Shamim G Virji donated $50

"Good Luck Jamil Beta. Mehboob Bhai, May Allah bless you with good health and inner peace. Ameen. Vichi and Shamim"

Christopher Ambrus donated $100

"You got this Jamil! Happy to support such an important cause. "

Naila & Sadru Jetha donated $50
Jordan Alfred donated $20

"Such a great cause - wishing you and the family all the best Jamil! "

Zahid Savani & Family donated $200

"We are so proud of you, Jamil!"

Aziz Jassani donated $250
Ali Damji donated $200

"You continue to inspire me every day Jamil. Thank you for honouring chacha with this bike ride. All the best ! "

Karin Anderson donated $100
Nazim Damji donated $100

"We are so proud of you! Go Jam go! "

Mike Barford donated $25

"Wishing your uncle all the best, Jamil. Good luck on the ride!"

Alex Protomanni donated $50
David Dinniwell donated $250
Suhan Hannan donated $100
Asad Hanif donated $150

"Good luck!"

Andre Kuzmicki donated $200

"Best wishes to your uncle, Jamil! "

Mike Zachaczewski donated $50
Pranavan Ganeshalingam donated $100

"Great cause and best wishes on the ride ! "

Ashiq Jamal donated $25
Justin Chung donated $100
Ben Tse donated $100
Stephen Price donated $250
Bryce Moody donated $100
Aleks Karamarkovic donated $125
Travis An donated $50
Kai Tai Li donated $50

"Good luck Jamil!"

E Kathleen Delicaet donated $40
Jaspal Chatrath donated $100
Luca Cepparo donated $25
Jamil Damji donated $100