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Helen Metz donated $54
Andrew Shibata donated $100
Mohan D Sharma donated $200
Ilana Ludwin donated $100
Suzanne Maranda donated $100

"Have a great ride Raymond"

Rick And Marcia Kauffmann & Dorfman donated $100
Anonymous donated $25
Ralph And Jane Meyer donated $100
Anonymous donated $25
Isaac Dwosh donated $100
Nick & Martha Martha Bala donated $250

"Go Raymond, and know that Sam rides in you."

Hannah Kaufman donated $50

"Remembering a special guy!"

Sandra And Michael Fisman donated $100

"Such a wonderful way to keep our loving memories of Sam in the present."

Judith A Kaufman donated $100

"Thank you for riding. "

Ruth S. Tulchinsky donated $100

"All the best on your ride. Ruth Tulchinsky"

Gloria Pivnick donated $100
Sandi & Phil Goldman donated $100

"Congrats, Raymond. So happy to support you in this effort. You rock!"

Harold Redekopp donated $250
Gary J Nichol donated $200
Jerome J Bergart donated $100

"What a great tribute to your father. Would love to see you when you are in Dundas. If you have the time, please drop by (before"

Lucinda M Bray donated $100

"Well done Raymond! Sam will always be in our hearts. Lucinda and Deb"

Marilyn Kogon donated $100

"Good luck, Raymond! Your father would be so proud! We all are! Love, Marilyn and David Kogon"

Valerie M. Fisher donated $100

"Good luck on raising funds for such a worthy cause in memory of your father. "

Paul Resnick donated $100
Derek Ludwin donated $540

"Proud of you for taking the lead on helping to find a cure! Love, Stacey, Derek, Andrew, and Elizabeth"

Tamar Fransman donated $450

"Go for it, for all of us! With thanks and love, Martin and Tammy"

James D Wilson donated $100
Ryan Huber donated $50
Sharon Lee Smith donated $250
Daniel Ludwin donated $100
Melinda Head donated $100

"Fantastic Raymond - you beat your goal!"

Karen Fransman donated $25

"Me again! ????"

Karen Fransman donated $50

"Late to the party but very proud of you! ❤️"

Vieren donated $100

"So happy to support you and your dad! Have a great ride! Lots of love - Jess & Sunny"

Rachel Di Salle donated $100
David Dawson donated $500

"Have a great ride..best from Alison and I (+Roo of course)!"

Carol And Neil Handelsman donated $180

"What a wonderful idea. Have a great ride. Love Curli and Neil."

Vivien Ludwin donated $500

"Thank you for working towards finding a cure for this terrible disease!"

Wm. Oldman donated $250
Zorana Sadiq donated $100

"Sending hugs and cheers for your ride, Ray. What a great way to honour your amazing Dad. "

Jason Ryle donated $100

"<3 <3 <3"

Natalie Russell donated $61

"What a great way to honour your dad! Congratulations & good luck on the ride!"

John B Cohen donated $100

"wonderful project .... "

Jay Kaufman donated $250
Adrian Ludwin donated $100
Stephanie Blantyre Deighan donated $100

"A wonderful way to honour your amazing dad and give back ???? - Steph & Colin - oxo "

Laura Wiese donated $100
Deborah Kaufman donated $50
Janice Barling donated $150

"Raymond we wish you like in your endeavour. Love Jan & Juls"

Lucille Groll donated $50
Mike Sutton donated $150

"An awesome initiative to remember Samuel! Sending lots of well wishes and love your way for 2021!"

Paul And Katherine Manley donated $540

"What lovely memories. I was likely Sam's 2nd most frequent biking partner but could never match his speed on the climbs, especia"

Lock Sing & Winnie Leung donated $500

"Thank you for letting us to be part of this meaningful fund raising event"

Ilan Metz donated $180
Raymond Ludwin donated $1,150

"Karen and I are so happy to make this second donation to match your tremendously generous donations. Please keep them coming!!!"

Tania Heitshu donated $100
Velan Sivasubramanian donated $100
David Ludwin donated $250
John S Jordan donated $500

"So happy to support you Raymond -- ride well, doing good! John & Dennis"

Paula Courtney donated $500
Robert Orr donated $250
Bernard Le Corre donated $500

"In memory of your Dad and the moments you spent sharing your commun passion and to the dedication you brought to his comfort. Bi"

Brian Greenspan donated $360

"And may your father's memory continue to be a blessing Marla and Brian"

Andrew Carty donated $100
Steven Cohen donated $360
Jonathan Fransman donated $100

"Good luck Raymond! From Ella and Jonathan Xxx"

Gillian Salazar donated $100

"What a wonderful way to celebrate the shared passion you and your dad had for cycling. Big hugs xo"

Diane Kaufman donated $200

"You’re the best, Raymond. Thinking of you and your Dad with love"

Christian Vermast Vermast donated $300

"We are thinking of you and with you in this wonderful cause to find a cure. Christian and Armin"

Michelle Beitel donated $100
Raymond Ludwin donated $1,350

"Thanks everyone for the donations so far... keep them coming! XX, Karen and Raymond"

Tania Cunningham donated $200
Milos Vranesevic donated $250
Deborah Kaufman donated $100

"You go Raymond!!"

Clementyves Precourt donated $100

"Very proud my friend "

Cheryl Beitel donated $100
Cameron Mackay donated $200
Emily Dwosh donated $100
Stephen L Goodman donated $50

"A fitting tribute to a wonderful father. "

Mark Harrison donated $250