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James Chin donated $25
Jill Kepler donated $100

"Rick, I know you will always be stronger than anything thrown at you! Proud to be in your corner!"

Joselyn Rimell donated $100
Benoit Levasseur donated $100

"My thoughts are with you. It's great you are doing this and getting involved. Benoit"

Lazare Alkhori donated $100
Guillaume Turcotte donated $25

"Lâche pas la patate Rick! Translation: Don't let go of the potato! :) Meaning: Don't give up! courage!"

Chris Allen donated $50

"Good Luck Rick!"

Jann Erlendson donated $100

"I am inspired daily by your courage and determination. You’re a rockstar my friend! XOXO "

Stephen Bryan Price donated $200

"Bravery and courage: I see this in Rick every day. "

Gary Gary Lo donated $50

"Rick - stay strong and keeping you in my prayers! "

Alexander Danchenko donated $25
John Bolognone donated $100

"Rick, Never Stop Fighting "

Anonymous donated $100
Gregg Davies donated $100

"Never stop"

Mehboob Damji donated $50

"May we both stay well my friend Rick. Mehboob "

Rene & Clare Kooistra donated $100
Ransy Mizzoni donated $250
Elizabeth Carroll Wegenschimmel donated $100
Anonymous donated $100
Anonymous donated $100

"We’re helping to make a positive difference. "

Nancy M Warren donated $100

"Best wishes on your ride and stay positive!"

Kelly Frigstad donated $250
Mike Berry donated $25
Marina Wilbrink donated $100
Mark Wickware donated $250
Lisa Hulet donated $250
Lynda J Patchett donated $100

"Keep positive and stay strong"

Richard O’donnell donated $100

"So sorry to hear your news. Keep your positive spirit, and ride like heck!! "

Anonymous donated $50
Barb Tanaka donated $100

"Stay positive! ????"

Pat Mcquillan donated $100

"Way to go Rick xo"

Jerry & Trudy Hamstra donated $150
Laura Matthias donated $100
Shawnna D Minarsky donated $100
W & W Droogendyk donated $250

"God's blessings to you and your loved ones as you journey through. <3 u"

Alex & Ilse Berk donated $50
Arlene Carpenter donated $100
Jennifer A Madeline donated $50
Robert E Griffin donated $50

"Sorry to hear this Rick, wishing you all the best my friend. Happy to hear that you're still able to visit Ontario Provincial Pa"

Ryk Naves donated $100
Vladimir Andjelkovic donated $50

"Rick, I am very sorry to read the news. Please let me know if there is anything I may be able to help (a drive to doctor's appoi"

Mark A Welch donated $25

"Best of luck on your journey Rick. It's been a while."

Kosta Roumanis donated $50
Louis Coggins donated $50

"Take care Rick and fantastic implication and initiative ! You can do this !"

Herman Mulder donated $50

"Keep your positivity Rick - it will help during your ride and your battle! Hoping all goes well."

Leigh Little-shubassi donated $50
Michelle Hoffer donated $50
Lukas & Kalla Berk donated $50
Ian Wineberg donated $50
Fabio De Stefani donated $50

"All the best, Rick! Go get them!"

James Chanthaphone donated $200
Michael Difabio donated $100

"You're in my thoughts and prayers Rick, hoping for the very best (and that you knock your funding goal out of the park!!!)."

Geraldine Vanmaanen donated $150

"Love you guys! Prayers are with you and your family???? "

Aingeal Macfarlane donated $100
Anonymous donated $150

"God bless you Rick"

Patricia L Paddey donated $100
Kathryn A Kazmaier donated $250
Stefano Taucer donated $100

"Have a great ride, Rick! "

Wiktor Trzaska donated $25
Paula Broadbent donated $25
Nancy B Brace donated $25
Palak Sharma donated $25

"Thinking of you Rick. "

Curtis Horton donated $50

"Thoughts and prayers are with you Rick"

Owen K Struiksma donated $100
Rick Zwiep donated $100

"Hi - this is the start of my own personal ALS journey. Join me by supporting the cause in spirit or with a material gift."