Welcome to the Revolution Ride training program!
You’ve committed to cycling and challenged yourself to ride either 40km or 90km – that’s a big feat and you’re not alone. We’ve got you covered!
We are proud to offer a training program to help you get ride-ready by September’s event day. This program is meant to complement your weekly cycling routine leading up to Revolution Ride.
Introducing F45 Training Ancaster & SCM’s Workout Program:
Tune in fortnightly from now until Revolution Ride for a new workout to help you push beyond your limits. As you begin training on your bike, it’s important to carve out time for workouts that will target different parts of your body to help you gain strength for the ride ahead. 
Revolution Ride Strava Club

Join the Revolution Ride Strava Club and track your progress with other participants!

F45 Training Ancaster and Stoney Creek Mountain
The Revolution Ride training program is made possible through the generosity of Mike Morrison and Julie Jarvie, owners of F45 Training Ancaster and Stoney Creek Mountain (SCM).
Mike lost his father to ALS in 2019. After his father’s ALS diagnosis in late 2018, Mike witnessed the physical and mental hardships that come with an ALS diagnosis, before losing his dad to the disease a few months later. Because of this experience, Mike and his family have decided to give back to the ALS community in the best way they know how: sharing their time and know-how! Mike, his family and the F45 team are donating the time and expertise of their team of coaches, customizing and hosting a training program especially for you - our Revolution Riders - as part of their mission to help raise awareness and important funding for ALS Canada. 
A big thank you to Mike, his family and the F45 team for their generous support.
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