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Anonymous donated $100
SMCF Share The Wealth Award donated $13,000
Cameron Stark donated $250
Noushin Mohseni donated $1,000

"Super super well done Cam ???????? ????????????????????"

Bryn Kelleher donated $100
Anonymous donated $50
Jim R Henderson donated $1,000
Eleanor Dixon donated $500

"For Allan - trusted friend and advisor Trev & Eli Dixon"

Anonymous donated $150
Vanessa Slack And Bruce Macpherson donated $250
Mike & Lee Anne Wiebe donated $200
Lisa Stutt donated $50
Iain Mcglade donated $100

"Proud of you Cameron !!!"

Wally & Cathy Macdonell donated $1,000
Nancy V Hunt Wallace donated $100

"Our thoughts & prayers are with Allan & the McGlade Clan Love Nancy & Bob Wallace"

Kim Simopoulos donated $25
Lisa Burns donated $25

"Sending you all much love and support !! "

Charles Killin donated $200
Peter And Eva Whiteman donated $25
Ray And Teresa Drost donated $500
Paul B Stevenson donated $250

"Louise & Paul Stevenson"

Joseph Viola donated $200

"We are rooting for you doing this ride for your dad Cameron and your whole family has our support always. Love Joe and Sandra "

Ken Jones donated $100
Ken Jones donated $100
Loretta Darcy donated $75

"Alan, the Darcy’s including “wild thing” are thinking about you! "

Mike Clelland donated $250
Petra Pausch donated $50
Neil Clelland donated $200

"Good luck with the ride. I know you'll crush it for big Al!"

Marion Lynch donated $250

"To Allan My Golden Boy, I Love You to the Moon & Back MUM xoxxox"

Heidi Smith donated $50

"Good luck on your ride and your family journey. We are with you! "

Anonymous donated $100
Catherine Ann Davies donated $50

"Alison Fortier’s Mom and Dad John & Cathy, see you soon Alan & Kim ❤️"

Liz Mcelheran donated $200
Mike Oakes donated $100
Ray And Janice Pursiainen donated $500
Helen And Derek Mackesy donated $250
Michael P Pursiainen donated $250
Andrea Mackesy donated $100

"Bravo, Cam! From our LI family to yours - sending love and strength to Al, Kim and all the McGlades"

Deb And Bob Zipursky donated $250
Greg & Trish Douglas donated $100
Dave And Denise Nielsen donated $100

"Way to go, Cameron!"

Colin & Donna Burns donated $50
Rick And Donna Keul donated $500
Anonymous donated $100

"All the luck! "

Alison Fortier donated $100
Carroll M Pearce donated $50
Rose, Kevin, Devon Mackay donated $250

"One day at a time…. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you all????"

Amanda L Dal Bello donated $50
Brian R Seaman donated $150
Hayley A Hinkley donated $100
Dawn Hagerman donated $25
Scotia Mcleod - Scotia Wealth Management donated $25,000
John Pick donated $100
Andrew & Kate Knowlton donated $100
Jeff & Mary Nolan donated $250
Ashley Cassidy donated $25
Scott Croft donated $50
Perry & Kathy Badham donated $100

"Thinking of you guys and big hugs to all of you!"

Suzette Mcguire donated $50

"Thinking of you and your family during this difficult time. Sending positive vibes!"

Georgia Zadow donated $150

"One day at a time..❤️ Thinking of you all. "

Doug And Lesley Paul donated $250

"We are with you Cameron in support of Al! We will do anything and everything to support your family through this challenge. "

Bill Rea donated $100

"Our thoughts are with you and your family. Bill & Sheila Rea. "

Barb Townes donated $50

"Riding with you in spirit. All the best to the family - we are all there for you."

Mary Tam donated $50

"Thinking of you Kim and your family. Although this is not a large amount and I hope little bit helps. Praying for all of you??"

Sue Knowlton donated $250

"Sending hugs and prayers for all the family. I hope the sun shines brightly on September 26 for you, Cam!!"

Carolyn & Doug Moore donated $100
Gillian Hume donated $25

"One day at a time…stay positive- Gill"

Rosemarie Redding donated $100
Brenda/claude Norfolk donated $500

"While we won’t be rising along with you Cameron- we are certainly there with you in spirit. Your family has all our support. "

Gillian P Hartman donated $50
Bob & Janice Macdonald donated $1,000
Lynn Lech donated $100

"Go Cam! Your Dad will be proud. Thinking of you ALL. "

Tabatha Malone donated $100
Dianne Crawford donated $1,000

"Love you Cameron , praying for miracles "

Debbie Ann S Espiritu donated $150

"Way to go Cam! Sending love from the Espiritus!"

Janet Glass donated $100

"Good luck on your ride, and my thoughts and prayers are with Allan & your family."

Savannah & Jonathan Fox donated $75

"Sending all our love to your wonderful family "

Jay Garza donated $50

"Best of luck on your fundraising. Big hug and positive thoughts for your dad."

Caitlin Edey donated $100
Carl Spiess donated $2,000

"All the best for your ride and for Allan!"

Shirley E Mccabe donated $50

"In honor of Cliff Jones"

Danny And Patrick Russell donated $100
Norm Turner donated $100

"Have a Great ride. Blessing to you all"

Brenda M Cordeiro donated $100

"All the best Cam. Our thoughts are with each of you."

Josie J Chandler donated $250

"Ted and I are holding all of you in our prayers. Have a great ride. Josie"

Doug & Carrie Martin donated $100
Jessica Lynn Mccabe donated $500
Fred And Sharon Calvert donated $500
Alison Campbell donated $250
Soul Fuel Fitness donated $100
Pauline Capelle donated $25
Sish Kitane donated $200

"Abbey and I are sending all our love to you and your family ❤"

Esmond Tsang donated $50

"Best Wishes to the McGlade Family"

Natasha Rajkumar donated $100

"Way to go Cam, good luck! "

Christopher Kelly donated $250

"Way to go Cam. The Kelly's are thinking of you and the McGlade family. ""

Irmgard Mulvany donated $25

"Best wishes to Allan and the McGlade Family."

Leslie Grimmer & Matt Chuba donated $500


Ida D'souza donated $25

"Best Wishes."

Mohammad & Mehri Mohseni donated $2,000
Anonymous donated $50
Ben Winokur donated $25
David Macdonald donated $100

"Best to the McGlade family"

Sean Martin donated $100

"You got this! All my best wishes to the McGlade family."

David Hillier donated $500

"Way to go Cam. Paula and I are thinking of you and the McGlade family. "

Kaitlyn Mcglade donated $150

"Love you big bro ❤️"

Team Hawke Realty donated $500
Anonymous donated $100
Andrew Mcgoey donated $500

"Way to go Cam, good luck with fund raising. Love the whole McGlade family - Adge & Tammy"

Margo Irene Pinder donated $50

"Thinking of your Dad and family. Lets hope they find a cure soon."

Nalini Singh donated $100

"Good luck Cam!"

Sarah Sikorski donated $200

"Thinking of you and the family. "

Rob And Rana San Martin donated $250

"One day at a time"

Firoozeh Ghaffari donated $500

"Thinking of you and your family Cam. Good luck with the ride. Lots of Love Firoozeh and Ramin x"

Will Garrett donated $100

"You're going to crush this ride! "

Jessica Hawke donated $250

"Good luck, Cam! Brad and I send our love "

David Stinson donated $100

"We are here for you! GL on the ride"

Mirela Marceta donated $100

"Take care of each other xo"

Stefanie Martin donated $100

"Thinking of all of you ♥"

Carol Grimmer donated $50
Mark Wright donated $25

"Best of luck and send love to you and the family!"

Fernando Laclette donated $100

"Sending good thoughts and vibes my dear friend,"

Jennifer Singer donated $250

"Thinking of you and your family Cam! Phil, Jen and Finn"

Mark Macdonald donated $100
Charles Killin donated $200
Iain Hutchinson donated $250
Cathy Correa donated $100
Kevin Dawson Dawson donated $750

"Cam, good luck with the fundraising and the ride. Tamy and I are also very proud of you. We will be rooting for both you and y"

Meaghan Burke donated $100
Katherine Jones donated $1,000
Shadi Danechi donated $100
Shadi Danechi donated $100

"Lots of love to you and your family Cam! "

Yas, Alex & Luka Yeganegi donated $100


John Senese donated $200
Rachel D Russell donated $50
Robert Moore donated $250
Jim Clelland donated $200
Leila Ghaffari donated $100
Jane E Wentzel donated $25
Fred Gabrsek donated $200
Chris Van De Water donated $250

"Thinking of you and the family, Cam! Chris, Diana, Evelyn, Freddie"

Sara Ghaffari donated $100

"Sending lots of love x"

Paul & Haley Bolton donated $100

"Sending all our love your way friend. "

Phil Borg donated $100
Mary Sue Crawford donated $100

"Cameron I am so sorry to hear about your dad. It is wonderful that you are doing this walk for him. Bob's uncle also had ALS an"

Katie Burke donated $100

"Love you guys "

Matthew Goren donated $100
Yassi Mohseni donated $1,000
Anonymous donated $500
Stephanie Dunlop donated $250
Tim Watson donated $100
Kristen Shiff donated $25
Jill Andrews donated $100
Emily Saunders donated $25
Brittany Devon Waters donated $100
Christine Tam donated $250
Alex Bishop donated $25
Anonymous donated $100

"Love you!!!!! "

Mario Curbelo donated $50
Wayne Webster donated $250
Steven Russell donated $250
Peter Vanderplaat donated $300
Matthew Buck donated $200
Jason Grimmer donated $500

"Love and prayers being sent to you all. Love Jason and Jackie."

Andrew Buckles donated $250
Katie D Dudtschak donated $500
John Hogarth donated $100

"go cam go"

Jeff Grimmer donated $100
Allan Mcglade donated $1,000

"Good luck with your fundraising Cam. Proud to be your dad. "

Cameron McGlade donated $250