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Caitlin And Cam Stark donated $100
Mike Clelland donated $200

"Keep being strong, Cam. We know Al is very proud of you. "

Kevin Dawson Dawson donated $500

"Kevin, Tammy, Jamie, and JR are very proud of you Cam. Good luck on the ride this year."

Allan Mcglade donated $2,000

"Thank you to all of the donors for your support! Incredibly proud of you Cam."

Shadi Danechi donated $150

"Best wishes to you and your lovely family - and best of luck for the bike ride!!! Xxx "

Melissa-jane Shaw donated $100

"Sending all the love and support to you and your family. Ride it out Cam!"

Carl Spiess donated $2,000

"Way to go Cam! The McGlades are awesome. "

Yassi Mohseni donated $1,000
Charles Killin donated $250

"Way to go, Cam. I think about Al a lot."

Dawn Hagerman donated $25
Fred And Sharon Calvert donated $500
Catherine Ann Davies donated $50

"Alison Fortier’s Mom & Dad, Thinking of your Dad & Mom with love"

Alison Fortier donated $100
Matthew Buck donated $100
Lynn Lech donated $50

"Hope you have a nice day for your ride Cameron! I’m sure your Dad and family are so proud of you. Every dollar towards research"

Jennifer Singer donated $250
Anonymous donated $500
Dianne Crawford donated $1,000
Alex Bishop donated $50
Trevor Raymond Dixon donated $500

"For Allan - friend and advisor"

Anonymous donated $100
Rob And Rana San Martin donated $250

" Give your beautiful dad a big hug from us Cam! "

Rosemarie Redding donated $50
Brittany Devon Waters donated $100
Helen And Derek Mackesy donated $200
Liz Mcelheran donated $250
Anonymous donated $200

"Good luck & good thoughts. "

Steven Russell donated $250
Deb And Bob Zipursky donated $250
Andrew Buckles donated $250
Dave And Denise Nielsen donated $150
Sue Knowlton donated $250

"Sending love to all, and cheering you on, Cam!!"

Norm Turner donated $100

"Hey Cam Thanks for doing this. Give your Dad a hug for me"

Jim Clelland donated $200

"...wishing so much that this wasn't necessary.....go hard, Cam....."

Margo Irene Pinder donated $100
Katie D Dudtschak donated $1,000
Zim & Daniel Wolpert donated $150
Will Garrett donated $100
James R Henderson donated $500
Jill Andrews donated $100
Alison Campbell donated $150

"Go Cam! Thinking of you and your family, and would love to support any way I can."

Jane Wentzel donated $25
Mark Wright donated $50

"Thank you for your efforts Cam and best wishes to Al!"

Cameron McGlade donated $1,000