The ALS Society of Canada developed Revolution Ride to inspire and spark action: to increase awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), to expand our community and to raise funds to ensure sustainable investments in community-based support services for people and families in Ontario, in provincial and federal advocacy efforts and in the most promising ALS research in Canada. 

Revolution Ride is a volunteer-powered, fundraising event that unites recreational, intermediate and avid cyclists who want to challenge themselves to do more in support of those we have loved and lost or who are facing ALS today. Who rides with us? You’re compassionate, authentic, bold, and adventurous. 




Founded in 1977, the ALS Society of Canada (ALS Canada) works with the ALS community
to improve the lives of people affected by ALS through support, advocacy and
investment in research for a future without ALS. 

  Support & Services

Within Ontario, ALS Canada has a role similar to that of the provincial ALS societies providing services and support to help meet the needs of people living with ALS.


Through the ALS Canada Research Program, we fund peer-reviewed research grants, foster collaboration and build capacity within Canada's ALS research community, and participate in new areas of research where we are well-positioned to have an impact. 


Through advocacy federally and provincially within Ontario, ALS Canada gives a voice to the collective experience of people living with ALS to help drive program and system changes for the ALS community.