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Deirdre Pike donated $100

"Thank you, Kris, for your leadership in fighting for more ALS research. Keeping you and your family in my heart and prayers. "

Maria Lochner donated $30
Ken Chan donated $100

"Keep inspiring Kris!"

Chantelle Sephton donated $50

"Go Kris! You are my inspiration :)"

Ian Court donated $250
Wendy S Johnston donated $250

"Go Kris!"

Storey & Co Services inc donated $100
Michael Spivock donated $25
Stern Cohen LLP donated $1,500
Patrick Nelson donated $100
Georges Flaifel donated $100

"Go Kris Go!"

Lohifa Pogoson Acker donated $50

"Go Kris Goooooo!!!!"

Pauline Anne Barnhart donated $25
Julie P Lieff donated $50

"✨May the wind be at your back, and Angels on your ALS journey! ✨"

Theresa Bosco donated $25
Madeleine Dwyer donated $250

"Have a great ride Kris."

Nancy Kastner donated $25

"Go Kris!!"

Margaret Bennett donated $100

"I admire your efforts to end ALS and educate others on the disease and the healthcare system. Thank you for sharing your journey"

Fallon Farinacci Farinacci donated $25
Richard Ellis donated $100
Sheldon Lopes Pereira donated $30
Chia-wen Hsu donated $25
Nadia George donated $25
Marcia Levy donated $125
Eduardo Castro donated $50
Anonymous donated $25
Anonymous donated $100
Ace Of Cups Vintage donated $25