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Anonymous donated $500
Laurence Goldstein donated $100
Adam Paulin donated $180
Tushar Gambhir donated $100
Bonnie&gord Bloom donated $100

"Go team Big Mike! "

Ilana Jeff Ruben Markus Banks / Segal donated $100

"Go Matt!! So much love from our family Xo Ilana Jeff Ruben Markus "

Evan Schwartzberg donated $180

"Congrats on making your goal. The Schwartzberg Family"

Brandon Fleisher donated $25
Lisa Erlick donated $118

"Go Horo Go!"

Jordan Halberstadt donated $18
Compass Homecare donated $180

"Way to go raising awareness and funds for ALS research. All the best. "

Rayna Pearlson donated $100
Anonymous donated $36
Marta Bennett donated $180
Kathy Axmith donated $50

"Go Matt and Team Big Mike(one of my favourite people)! from Kathy Axmith and Corey Strasberg"

Jay Richmond donated $236

"Congrats Matt!"

Kennedy Neichenbauer donated $25
Ellen Bishop donated $100
Norman & Shelley Gottlieb donated $100
Jennifer Wilson donated $100

"In honour of your dad and my mom, both courageously living with ALS. "

Stacy Poliwoda donated $150

"All our love! See you Sunday! The Poliwoda Family :))"

Robin Budish donated $100
Ilana Steelman donated $25

"So proud of all the riders! "

Hartley R Nathan donated $180
Anonymous donated $180
Valerie Ticknor donated $400

"Good luck on your ride Matthew! Lots of love to Michael, Renee and family from the Ticknor family."

Steven Krychman donated $250
Kathleen Donnelly donated $100
Patricia M Winders-lee donated $500
Andrea Shuman donated $100

"sending love to all… xox"

Robert Barkin donated $180
Karen Bongard donated $100

"Jaymie Karen Hayley and Madison Bongard wish you an awesome Ride"

Lisa Donsky donated $100

"Great Job Matt!! Lisa , Sheldon and Max Donsky"

Jonathon Sherman donated $1,800
Bonni Ura donated $100

"Wishing you all the best! Bonni Ura and Alex Rapoport"

Anonymous donated $30
Jeffrey Roebuck donated $100

"Thanks for your help with the tourney"

Eric, Marci, Stephanie And Rachel Grossman donated $118
Lisa Burk donated $50
Estelle Vilensky donated $150
Jillian Tishman donated $30
M.t Meikle donated $50

"You Got This!"

Anonymous donated $36
Morgan Fox donated $50
Jordana Schwarz donated $100
Anonymous donated $25

"Good Luck!"

Mikayla Cooper donated $50
Minden Gross LLP donated $1,000
Hofland Family donated $200
Hofland Family donated $25
Robin Kutner donated $540

"Have an awesome ride, Matt! Thinking of you and your family Xo Steve Weisz and Robin Kutner "

Monty & Margie Grunebaum donated $500
Anonymous donated $50

"Ride your tushy off Matt!"

Leah Pearlman donated $118
Simon Benattar donated $500

"Wishing everyone a great ride for such an amazing cause and or such an amazing person"

Estelle Vilensky donated $200
Anonymous donated $50
Lisa E Colt donated $100

"I hope these funds help to create impact and find a cure. "

Terry Moore donated $25
Anonymous donated $54
Lisa Jensen donated $50

"Thinking of your family and sending our heartfelt wishes. Xx Danny Monsour and Lisa Jensen"

Anna Rita Molella donated $25
Marie Correia donated $100

"So incredible. Thank you for the incredible work."

Andrew Zippan donated $50
Ori Merkur donated $100
Diane Carty donated $100
Cindy E Nathan donated $180

"Go team Big Mike and The Boys! Way to go Matt for all you have raised so far! Congrats! "

Michael And Zoey Orlan donated $100

"Go get em"

Philip Myron donated $500
Foremost Financial Corporation donated $360
Matthew Stephan donated $36

"This is incredible, Matthew. So proud of you! Best wishes for your ride and this journey! "

Robert Scheinert donated $100
Anonymous donated $25
Rossi Sas donated $54
Anonymous donated $54
Ilana And Kevin Goldberg donated $50
Rachel & Marc Robinson donated $180
Jenna G donated $100


Reese Carberry donated $25

"Good luck!"

Anonymous donated $25


Chase Fink donated $25
Brian Rudolph donated $100
Barbara & Steve Shulman donated $100
Justin Lanys donated $100
Nina Mafrici donated $100
Terri & Howard Binder donated $180

"A lovely tribute to a wonderful man!"

Cecilia Doll donated $100

"Way to go Matt. Thanks for doing this for Big Mike. Good luck on the ride! Doug and Cecilia"

Mathew Mozaffari donated $250
Alana Stancer donated $180
Gus Tertigas donated $180
Derrick Phelps donated $180
Andrew Schaefer donated $180
Tammy Rumanek donated $72

"Wishing you great success"

Sumitra Sethi donated $50

"All the very best Mathew"

Matthew Sitka donated $500
Elliott Levine donated $250
Mindy Simon-galper donated $100
Jay Feldman donated $500
Barbara Merkur donated $100
Natalie Vukovich donated $100

"Your father must be very proud of you. How wonderful of you to express your love for him in this way. Best wishes to Michael."

Susie Zarnett donated $250

"Wishing you great success."

Robert Kerzner donated $180

"Matt, this is an amazing effort and we are happy to support. Good luck! Robert, Shauna and Josh"

Lillian And Norman Glowinsky Family Foundation donated $5,000
Danny + Laurel Fleisher donated $540
Raquel And Alan Feldberg donated $118
Sheila Lebovitz donated $54

"Incredible job Matthew! Very proud of what you are doing for ALS and your dad. Love Grammy"

Janyce Lastman donated $54

"ALS is often said to afflict the kindest, friendliest and smartest among us. And Michael, you fit that profile so perfectly. But"

Paul Arthur Campbell donated $500
Roseanne Mason donated $50

"So proud of you Matthew! Sending love to the whole family"

Ita And Lenny Baranek donated $500
Noam Sokolow donated $360

"Way to go Matt! We love you all "

Judy & Sam Mayer donated $500

"Way to go Matthew!!!"

Anonymous donated $50
Anonymous donated $36
Anonymous donated $5,000
Roee Dunkelman donated $50
Kim Carty donated $100
Anonymous donated $100
Rapid Locksmith donated $540
Zac Cooper donated $50
Anonymous donated $25

"Just read about you and this fundraiser in the G&M and we’re happy to contribute, Michael. You’re doing your father proud and w"

Anonymous donated $50

"We are so sorry to hear about Your illness.just be positive,who knows they may find a cure. We pray so. Hugs and Kisses Bernic"

Francy Kussner donated $180
Michelle Abbott donated $136

"Way to go, Matt! "

Anonymous donated $100
Benjamin Wiseman donated $250
Julia, David, Jeremy & Grant Rosenthal donated $100

"Wishing you all the best on your fundraising & ride Matthew!! You are such a good son & have such an amazing Dad ❤️❤️"

Evan Stein donated $100
Paul Stein donated $250
Sammy Horowitz donated $100
Peter Farkas donated $180

"Way to go Matthew!"

Allan Newman donated $100
Shari Singer donated $50
Anonymous donated $100
Lawrence Filler donated $180
Thea Weisdorf donated $100
Amy And Ely Rechtsman donated $180
Bella Steinberg-sinukoff donated $36
Nick Cardinale donated $540

"Go Matthew! Love and strength from the Cardinale family to the Horowitz family."

Lorraine Fairbloom donated $54

"Kudos to you, Matthew, for doing something so meaningful to help fight ALS! Hugs to Michael & Renee! "

Zachary Fleisher donated $100
Alissa French donated $150

"Sending health and so much love to you! ???? Love the French Family! "

Anonymous donated $100
Becca Weinberg donated $50
David L Knight donated $100
Nick Iozzo donated $65

"I’ve worked with Michael in the commercial real estate world in the past. "

William (bill) D Black donated $250

"Thinking of your Dad and family. "

Ken Tanenbaum donated $360
Karen Estelle Bernstein donated $100
Lance Freelan donated $250
Kyle Lichtman donated $54

"Good luck! Sending lots of love to Big Mike ❤️"

Bonnie Belfer donated $136

"Go Matt! Bonnie and Bernie Lubchansky"

Robyn Rosen Codas donated $54

"Much love to you and your wonderful family! Good luck! Big shout out to Mike the big Bear!"

Phil Pollack donated $180
Daniel Griff donated $36
Sabrina Parsons donated $25
Anonymous donated $50
Roy Sexton donated $25

"Sending love! Thank you for doing this ❤️"

Sarah Short donated $100
Jordy And Steph Goldenberg donated $72
Nutritiously Nicole donated $118
Shayna Steelman donated $100

"So proud of you, Matt! Sending so much love and strength to Uncle Michael and the whole fam! You’re going to crush this!"

Rachel Bedder donated $50


Paula And Jeff Ashley donated $100
Manon Fortier donated $100

"Great initiative. Good luck!"

Brandon Glied-goldstein Sydney Kerzner donated $100
Stephanie Lubchansky donated $100
Max Levy & Daniela Hofland donated $100
Brettler Mintz Foundation donated $55
Lexi And David Blitzer donated $36
Frances Mantle donated $100
Jack Goldberg donated $25
Matt And Aviva Gottlieb donated $360
Marty Shiff donated $100
Jeffrey Wagman donated $100

"We are all very proud of you. "

Michelle Wagman donated $180
Hannah Shilling donated $50
Kayla & Michael Schwarz donated $36
Eden Kirshenblatt donated $25
Renee Winick donated $100
Anonymous donated $180
Eleanor Wagman donated $50
Rebecca Erlich donated $50
Maureen Maureen Kula Kula donated $25
Robert Solomon And Shari Wert donated $100
Sam Erlich donated $36
Richard Roos donated $250
Anonymous donated $36
Rebecca Erlich donated $50
Ana Rodrigues donated $25
Anne And Russell Pearsall donated $100
Anonymous donated $180
Joan E. Jung donated $250
Jamie Dishy donated $100
Josh Rosenblatt donated $180
Elyse And Lawrence Hildebrand donated $180
Sheldon & Esther Freelan donated $200
Barnard Crespi donated $50
Garry And Joanne Foster donated $250
Sari And Jon Hanser donated $136

"Way to go Matt! Best of luck!"

Anonymous donated $100
Jodi Roth donated $100
Amy And Jay Goldberg donated $50
Zachary Ronski donated $25

"You are amazing!!!!"

Anonymous donated $100
David Lefko donated $54

"Good Luck Matthew, great endeavour!!!"

Laura Nichols donated $50
Paul Weinberg donated $54
Michael Tamblyn donated $100
Patrick And Elaine Rocca donated $100
Tyler & Phil Ainlay donated $250
Jeffrey Alpert donated $50
Neil Casselman donated $54

"Very proud of you Matt. "

Arjun Mali donated $50

"All the Best Matt - Ride hard!"

Rhonda Lichtenstein donated $100

"Go Matt Go! Incredible ????????????"

Jackie Coleman donated $50
Balanced By Alex donated $280
Lisa & Howard Cohen donated $100
Kristen Petersen donated $25
Darryl T. Mann donated $100
Jenn Glied-goldstein Mitchell Rothman donated $250

"Sending our love. Good luck!"

Scott Wiseman donated $50
Melissa Muskat donated $100
Thane And Georgina Papadakos donated $250
Michael Goldberg donated $250
Lisa Elliot donated $250
Anonymous donated $100
Sidney Troister donated $100
Candace Vogel donated $18
Reena Rosenwald donated $50
Jeffrey Cohen donated $200
Irv Kleiner donated $50
Linda Godel donated $100
Lisa Bleiwas donated $50
Sarah Boyle donated $25
Ari Tenenbaum donated $100
Isana Nagla donated $100
Anonymous donated $25
Nazli Ghafoori donated $30
Joshua Birman donated $100
Alex Qi donated $100
The Linda Frum & Howard Sokolowski Charitable Foundation donated $18,000
Risa And Ralph Grossman donated $360

"Good Luck with the Ride."

Sam Cohen donated $54
Carrie & Rob Wortzman donated $100

"Sending our thoughts to Michael and praying for a cure. Go Matthew!"

Rachel Devon Daniels donated $100

"What an amazing initiative! Lots of love from Rachel, Josh, and Arden."

Rob Muroff donated $100
Adam Paulin donated $180
Rebecca Elgrichi donated $50
Caroline, Jordan And Mike Devon donated $180

"Way to go Matt ! "

Sheldon Silverberg donated $360
Alison Janzen donated $250
Jordana & Larry Stockhamer donated $360

"Sending love and support from the Stockhamer Family"

Hannah Moskowitz donated $50
Minnie Lefkowitz donated $50

"Sending my love and best wishes to Michael. Mynne Lefkowitz "

Armand H. Bendersky donated $25
Adam Kirshenblatt donated $118

"Lots of love - Adam and Jenna"

Lindsay Isserow donated $100

"Sending love and support "

Jake Black donated $100
Tom And Irene Mihalik donated $360
Matthew Gottlieb donated $100

"Good luck buddy! "

Adam Steinberg donated $250

"Go get 'em, buddy! "

Steven And Rona Lewis donated $136
Jeff Black donated $500

"May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as you ride for such a worthy cause."

Fred Birnbaum Pc donated $1,000

"Let’s kick ALS in the Tuchas! Mathew your efforts are greatly appreciated."

David F Macdonald donated $25

"Go Matt and Team Big Mike!! Love you brother!"

Berta Banks donated $180

"Go for it Mathew - we will ride along with you (only spiritually of course)"

Sandy Yancovitch donated $136
Kelly Zimner (rubenstein) donated $100
Anonymous donated $100
Charlotte & Andrew Tyber & Kless donated $118
Neil Silverstein donated $100
Daniel Singer And Jessie Saunders-drutz donated $100
Sammy Levy donated $50
Agi Mandel donated $100
Anonymous donated $100
Bernie Mayer & Andrea Plotnick donated $180
Abbie Yermus And David Carmona donated $100
Marsha Bronfman donated $100

"Good luck!"

Summer Roth Eric Van Hees donated $100
Bram & Carly Silver & Handler donated $72
Christine Tripodi donated $100
Bruce R Cluney donated $500
Brad Lester donated $100
Anonymous donated $100
Anonymous donated $250
Hailey Krychman donated $100
Joanne Roth And Paul Bellack donated $180

"Way to go Matt! "

Jerod & Samara Gollant donated $180

"Good Luck with the ride! Great Cause"

Adam D Bender donated $50
Lynne Federman donated $500

"We’re proud of you Matt! Love, The Federman Family "

Jonah Mirsky donated $100
Tracey & Doron Weintraub donated $100
Steven Millman donated $180
Henry And Barbara Bank donated $360
Leslie Wynn donated $1,000
Sandy Galet donated $1,000
Aber Family donated $360
Harvey & Annice Frisch donated $1,000
Anja Markovic donated $25
Sarah Anderson donated $100
Jenna And Mark Isserow And Bernstein donated $108

"Go Matt! Sending all our love and strength to the entire Horowitz family. Supporting you all the way! "

Hilton Toronto/markham Suites Conference Centre & Spa donated $360

"All our best to Michael & Matthew! Sending our support to fight for a cure against ALS! -The Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites"

Randi And Jay Lewis donated $100
David Sieradzki donated $1,800

"KSV is proud to support the family in this initiative. "

Lisa And Andrew Wiseman donated $180

"Wishing you great success on your ride, your fundraising and in your goal of finding a cure!"

Anonymous donated $50
Blumberg Family donated $118
Melissa Partland donated $25
Altman & Sugar, Chartered Accountants donated $118
Robert Berger donated $500
Ely Nightingale donated $100
Lisa J Rodin-gardner donated $100

"What an awesome thing to do for such a great cause and in honour of your amazing Dad!"

Leah Goldstein And Family donated $100

"❤️❤️❤️ "

Gaby Aber donated $50
Jaclyn Lipkowitz donated $100
Stacey Schwartz donated $250
Cole Lever donated $54
The Stancers donated $100

"Good luck Matt! What an awesome way to honour your dad. "

Melissa Yuranyi donated $25
Michele Friedlich donated $180

"Great initiative. Michele, Stuart, Sarah and Quinn Pollock"

Marlene Baranek donated $118
Kailey Seider donated $50
Mara And Adam Banack donated $100

"Good luck Matt!! Thinking of you and your family."

Rachel Fagen donated $50
Bailey Schaefer donated $100
Stuart Turk donated $1,800

"The Turk Family "

Susan Berger donated $118

"Susy Berger and family"

Moatti Family donated $360

"Go Matt!!! Woo woo woo"

Paula And Michael Dodick And Family donated $180
Tracey Kumer donated $36

"For Big Mike and in loving memory of my cousin Carey Gold who battled ALS fiercely until the end. #endals"

Josh Borden donated $72
Anonymous donated $50

"Good luck Matt!"

Richard, Lynda, Jordyn, Aidyn, & Olivia Kimel donated $118
Jay And Roxanne Leider donated $100
Deena & Steven Grossman donated $180
David A Strinberg donated $100

"Go Matt!!"

Susan and Bobby Walman and Family donated $100
Rachel Goldberg donated $54
Sandy And Jeff Seider donated $100
Raquel Kerbel donated $50
Lexie Cooper donated $25
Kiana Monk donated $118
Rachel Giller donated $103
Michael And Karen Cohen donated $250

"So proud of you Matt! "

Lindsay Birbrager donated $100
Aaron Harlang donated $500
Matt Berger donated $100

"- Matt and Aviva"

Eva And Avi Nightingale donated $250

"Great cause and great family. "

Benjamin Wiseman donated $350
Daniel Gutfrajnd donated $118
Amy Silver donated $118
Adam Kieffer donated $25
Jenn Tordjman donated $50
Risa & Jeff Silver donated $100
Zachary Zittell donated $100

"Lots of love from me and Claire ❤️"

Michael And Melanie Belz donated $250
Raquel Di Lauro donated $25

"Go Ricotta!!!! Goodluck Matt!! "

Gillian Grossman donated $72
Cole & Lexie Grossinger donated $180
Steven Betel donated $1,000
Sheldon Freeman & Sharlene Wilder & Family donated $180
Karen Ceifets & David Malkin donated $250
Ethan Malkin donated $100
Nikki Millman donated $54
Susan & Andrew Cohen donated $180
Steven Cygelfarb donated $100
Celine & Sal donated $100

"Big Mike! Sending love and support during this time. Go Matt! Love you guys! "

Emma H Silver donated $50
Fred Steiner donated $250
Bridgette Lobdell donated $25
Sindy Benalloun donated $500

"Yasher Koach love you all "

Robert S Mandel donated $360
Alanna Moness donated $72
Edward Sonshine donated $250
Jeff Milne donated $180

"Good luck Matt! Love Jeff, Sue, Taylor, Jamie and Brandon "

Andrew And Dani Salomon donated $540
Sandi And Jordan Soll donated $360
Sigal Posner donated $50
Adam Polan donated $236

"Good luck Matt. Cheering for Team Big Mike!"

Hunter, Jamie, Taylor, Emmy, Hayley, Danielle And Sam <3 donated $216

"Sending all of our love and support to the Horowitz family, and rooting for you, Matt!! Love, Hunter, Jamie, Taylor, Emmy, Hay"

Debra Giller donated $180

"Good luck on the ride! From the Giller family & Laker"

Oliver Hyman donated $118

"Rooting for you -Annie & Oli"

Jaimee Sugar donated $50
Jeff Rubenstein donated $1,000
Zach Plener donated $100
Carly Benayon donated $54
Evan Sinclair donated $100
Stuart & Jackie Horowitz donated $400

"Good Luck Matt. Love, Stu, Jax, Emma and Zoey."

Peter Farkas donated $180

"Good luck Team Big Mike and the Boys!"

Gary & Maxie Bluestein Charitable Foundation donated $360
Jared Teicher donated $100
Jonathan & Kaylee Born donated $100
Bobby D Kofman donated $500
Jay C Basian donated $180

"Great initiative Matt!"

Peter Weinstein donated $180
Edythe Daiter donated $118
Mitchell Goldstein donated $720
Robert Harlang donated $1,800
Robin Gould-soil donated $100
Lori Goldenberg donated $118

"So proud of you, Matt. Love you Horowitz Family Xo Lori & Shawn "

Risa Emer donated $36
Sari & Howie Grossinger donated $118
Marni And David Morrow donated $180
Jennifer Goldhar donated $100
Elliot And Logan Lass donated $118

"Dear Horowitz Family, Thinking of you all. What a great initiative, Matthew! All the best, Elliot and Logan"

Daryl And Derek Erdman donated $180
Norm Kafka donated $50
Lisa And Jonathan Weinberg donated $100
Cody Erlick donated $100
Michael Steinberg-himmel donated $144
Melissa Fattal donated $50
Ellen Roth donated $100
Mitchell Potashner donated $100

"Good luck buddy! Hope all is well <3"

Denise Shilling donated $118
Corey Urback donated $108

"Rooting for you and the Fam! From Corey and Taylor"

Jennifer Dales donated $50

"What a wonderful thing to do. Wishing you the best ride in support of your amazing dad! "

Marc Ralsky donated $100

"Good luck with the walk! Correen and Marc"

Hannah Betel donated $72
Hannah White donated $25
Debi G Schacter donated $100
Rebecca Soil donated $50
Sic S Soil donated $100
Jasper Chen donated $50
Lauren Lubchansky donated $118
Amanda Betel Ethan Cohen donated $36
Ari Bendersky donated $100

"You’ve got this Matt! Drew & I are proud to support you in this!! "

Heather Grace Crawford donated $360

"Matt: you are our road warrior and thank you for doing this. all our love, the Crawford-Ritchies"

Adam And Elayne Kardash donated $360
Jessica Apelowicz donated $72
Shelley Kieffer donated $25
Victoria Krantzberg donated $25
Lindsay Stockhamer donated $118
Anonymous donated $25
Jaclyn And Avraham Lugassy donated $180
Jonah Mandel donated $54
Natalie Shields donated $100
Penny & David Mandel donated $180
Laura Berdock donated $50
David Goodman donated $100
Brayden Bernstein donated $25
Ian J Cantor donated $154

"Go Mike! Go Matt! -Corinne and Ian xo"

Reagan Macklin donated $25
Craig And Kimmy Walters donated $180
Rebecca & Mitchell Pichosky donated $118

"Go Horo go!! So proud and cheering on Team Big Mike!"

Adam Abramson donated $180
Vincenza Pietropaolo donated $100
Anonymous donated $50
Ellen Schneidman donated $180
Aimee Debow donated $100
Samantha Schneidman donated $50
Julia Horowitz donated $50
Ellie Porter donated $100

"Go matty go!!! Love Ash & Ellie "

Jeffrey & Tamara Horowitz donated $540

"Go Matt! We will see you at the finish line!"

Grace Court Co. donated $540
Yasmeen Asmi donated $50
Hofland Family donated $100
Oscar Crawford-ritchie donated $50
Adam Hoffman donated $100
Noah Cohen donated $150
Alexa And Ben Horowitz/basian donated $200
Liv Cantor donated $50

"Cheering you and the Horowitz family on! You got this! "

Tamara Klein donated $50

"Rooting for you and your fam <3"

Jordan Desai donated $50

"Keep it up. Love always, Jordi & Jeff!"

Anonymous donated $100