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Rene & Clare Kooistra donated $100
William Jelsma donated $100
Joseph Talavera donated $25
Andrea Malfait donated $25
Tracey Gritter donated $100
Alexander Danchenko donated $25
Amy White donated $50
Mehboob, Sophie, Rahina & Faiz Damji donated $50

"Go Rick Go! Best wishes my friend."

Mike Berry donated $25
Brenda Rallison donated $25
Luanne Shyba donated $25
Anonymous donated $50
Lisa Hulet donated $250
Corrinne Anne Peterson donated $100
Christine A Rutledge donated $100
John Melbourn donated $100
Gerry Boase donated $100

"We're all rooting for you Rick!"

Angelo Venditello donated $100

"Way to go Rick!"

Gord Buchan donated $100
Nardine Hanna donated $100
Isabela Otero donated $50
Raelene Ishiguro donated $100
Bob (sung) Yoon donated $100

"It's amazing to see your strength Rick! And great to see your support Marc D!"

Harpreet Singh donated $100
Alex & Ilse Berk donated $100
Chris Allen donated $50

"Go Rick and Marc!"

Lukas Berk donated $25

"Your courage is really inspiring Rick! We're always happy to support such an amazing cause. Lukas & Kalla"

Anonymous donated $25
Stephen Bryan Price donated $150
Kashif Salam donated $100

"Go Rick go!."

Laura Matthias donated $50
Mark Wickware donated $100
Anonymous donated $100
Bob Hafner donated $250
John Bolognone donated $100
Owen K Struiksma donated $50
Jeevan Varughese donated $100
Palak Sharma donated $50
Keith Hermack donated $100
Darren Raycraft donated $100
Anonymous donated $200

"Go rock it, Rick's Rocks! Thank you for raising awareness and for your strength and resilience!"

Jill Kepler donated $150

"So happy to support you!! "

Anonymous donated $150
Todd Wood donated $25

"Go Rick’s Rocks!"